Original Pastel Paintings

This pastel shows Marcus Ehning jumping his famous stallion Comme il Faut.  The piece will be available once framed.  Price POA.  Extremely high quality prints will also be available to order at full size (70x50cm) by contacting Sonia directly.  Cost of prints £125 + shipping.

Recently, Sonia has had the opportunity to work with an incredible photographer, Ellie Birch of Boots and Hooves Photography (https://www.bootsandhooves.co.uk/) and has started work on a collection of pieces that will be added to the website over the coming months.

The Spanish Horses is a framed pastel painting available to purchase for £475 + shipping.  The photographer for the piece was a friend of Sonia’s, Anne Bennett, who took the photo whilst on holiday.  Sonia wanted to capture the majesty and movement of the pair.


Sonia’s love of pastels remains as strong as ever.  The vast majority of paintings that she’s produced to date have been purely commissioned, of which prints and merchandising won’t be produced.

As you can imagine the work involved in painting these is very intense and takes many hours to achieve.  She still produces paintings that reinforce her love of striking colour and she gains immense satisfaction from capturing the personality of the subjects that she paints, this aspect of her work will always be very rewarding.