The Monochrome Collection

These paintings offer a stunning single-colour approach to complement or contrast with your decor. It is with this in mind that the colours chosen are often subtle and muted. Only one colour is used in the paintings, but they are infused with various tones and the viewer is drawn to the singular colour’s complex interactions with the surrounding frame, walls, surfaces and light. The Monochrome Collection is designed to be understated and can provide a subtle contrast or specific complement to a colour scheme. The subject matter is very soft and gentle, inviting long and almost meditative gazes, all of which makes these paintings appealing to the eye. These paintings will add a delicate interest and lift to a bare wall.

Reference photos for the paintings provided by Gary Odell and used with permission.

Originals and high quality prints are available for purchase by contacting Sonia directly to place your order.

A shipping fee will be added to all prices shown – paintings can be shipped worldwide.