Salt River Horses Collection

Depicting gentle waterside scenes whilst maintaining a flourish of colour, this painting range draws the reader in to the cool calm of the water. These paintings use bright colours to steal the attention of the viewer and entice them to really contemplate the subject of the painting as they find themselves lost in the calming tranquillity of the water. Water has always been a focus and fascination for artists and is depicted in some of the earliest known examples of artworks, represented in the form of simple wavy lines by our ancestors in prehistoric paintings. Water both reflects and filters reality, and its elemental, ephemeral form brings a feeling of serenity and openness to these paintings. Works from this collection would be ideal in a quiet room of the house, a space where you can take a break from the rigours of daily life and truly get lost in.

Reference photos used for paintings by Gary Odell and used with his permission.

Originals and high quality prints available for purchase by contacting Sonia directly to place your order.

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