Spanish Horse Collection

These dramatic and wonderfully colourful paintings bring focus into the room. The vibrant use of colour and contrast in the Spanish Horses Collection is intended to lift a room and add an attention-grabbing focal point of intense impact. As in nature, colour in art has a profound effect on the viewer and these paintings are designed to draw the viewer in. Perhaps more than anything in interior design, different colours affect your emotions, both consciously and subconsciously – in this instance, The Spanish Horse Collection radiates energy with its vibrant bursts of yellows and pinks. These paintings are perhaps perfect for a room with plain white walls and understated décor, where you want to provide an uplifting rejuvenation of dramatic energy and light with the painting’s multitude of bright summer colours.
Reference photos for this collection of paintings are provided by Majestic Spanish Horses and used with permission.

Originals and high quality prints are available for purchase by contacting Sonia directly to place your order.


A shipping fee will be added to all prices shown – paintings can be shipped worldwide.