Road to the ‘Collections’

The road to Sonia Samuel making her Interior Design Art began in 2017. By then she had left her job in Structural Engineering and had started painting full-time to build a company called Nellie and the Pea Arts. To begin with she worked on commission pieces and practised using pastels as her choice of medium. Back then Sonia painted horses, cats and dogs for her clients.

As a development of a technique she was learning she tried watercolour painting. As a result Sonia found that they suited her style and love of colour. She could picture them being used to complement colour schemes in most environments. Be that in hotel rooms to add a splash of colour and focal point or in a complementary tone to add a lift in a family bedroom.

In 2019 Sonia Samuel Art emerged and she started to make horse paintings targeting the Interior Design market. They became ‘The Collections’ which are now on the website ( Within ‘The Collections’ she introduced art that would fit into different scenarios. She used a stylised and vibrant approach and Sonia collaborated with Gary Odell, The Majestic Spanish Horses and Nell Shortis Photography. They provided the vital reference photos for her pieces.

Sonia is a member of the Society Of Equestrian Artists  ( , through whom she exhibited her work and won the Chairman’s award in September 2019. She also had one of her paintings, Peace and Ripples used by a charity in their calendar. They raise funds for the welfare of the Salt River Horses in America.

Sonia still uses her first love of pastels as a medium although more often than not as commissioned work.