The Blue Stallion Collection

High-impact, stylised and modern, these paintings bring a burst of blue hues to the eye. Blue has long been used as an important colour in art and decoration and can symbolise peace, tranquillity, harmony and trust. For centuries it was the rarest most expensive pigment in existence and is associated with nobility and purity. The Blue Stallion Range of paintings is designed to be eye-catching in their dramatic effect, giving powerful life to these noble animals. This is evident in certain aspects within the collection where light on the grey horses accentuates the form of the horse to exaggerate its striking appearance. These dramatic paintings bring a strikingly vivid focal point to a room.

Reference photos for the paintings provided by Nell Shortis Photography and used with permission.

Originals and high quality prints available for purchase by contacting Sonia directly to place your order.

A shipping fee will be added to all prices shown – paintings can be shipped worldwide.