Sonia Samuel Art

Equine Art with a unique perception of colour

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Based in the United Kingdom Sonia Samuel is a fine artist specialising in distinctive and vibrant paintings of the horse. Working from photographs provided by professional photographers, she creates equine scenes, giving life to the horses with her painting style and particularly, her sensitive and adept use of colour.
Sonia paints with a freedom of expression and use of colour that is founded in her own experience and companionship of the animals she paints.  Her love of these creatures is evident in the way that she captures their form, their subtlety of movement and behaviour. Her choice of palette, is informed by a deep and true understanding of the animal. She captures vivacity and natural beauty with paint and pastels.

Her collections are intended to provide you with a range of colour choices to suit not only your taste, but also to complement the walls and rooms of your own home. From the Blue Stallion Collection, with impactful, powerfully contrasting images with its bursts of blue hues, to her Salt River Horses collection, that depict gentle scenes with delicate and detailed colourations of water, there is something here to suit every aesthetic taste. Her range of collections can bring life and colour to any corner of a home, workplace or hotel-suite.

Where Sonia’s skillset and passion really comes to the fore, is in her commissioned pieces. Working closely with a client to understand what it is they really want, from colouration, to size and composition, Sonia masterfully recreates stunning images of horses to suit your individual taste. This could mean her bringing to life a favourite photograph or scene that you’ve seen or imagined, or even perhaps a painting of one of your own equine companions, from past or present, to memorialise and celebrate your own very personal relationship and memories, forever in painting.
If you are seeking a truly unique piece, then a commissioned painting is what you’re looking for. Sonia will produce your own personal request, liaising with you during the process to ensure that your specific requirements are realised.

Contact Sonia on 07535 929 888

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All the paintings on the website remain the property of Sonia Samuel and cannot be used for any purpose without her express permission.